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Citation Information
OriginatorIsland County Planning & Community Development
Publication Date2011
Publication Information
Publication PlaceCoupeville, WA
PublisherIsland County
Online LinkageServer=canvdbgisdb; Service=sde:sqlserver:canvdbgisdb; Database=sdepublic; User=icgis; Version=sde.DEFAULT

                            The layer shows the current City Limits, Urban Growth Area (UGA) and Joint Planning Area (JPA) classifications for all of Island County, pursuit to ICC 17.03.  This layer was created pre-2011.
                            The layer shows the current City Limits, Urban Growth Area (UGA) and Joint Planning Area (JPA) classifications for all of Island County, pursuit to ICC 17.03.  This layer was created pre-2011.

No double-checking or quality-control process has been done on this layer since 2011 between the Official Zoning Atlases kept in the Planning Department and this layer.  As of 5/14/2015, annexations done after 2011 may not be consistently reflected in this layer.  It is expected that the accuracy rate between the UGA/JPA layer and Zoning Atlases is greater than 95%.

It is a goal of Planning and Community Development to do a quality and consistency cross-check of this Layer and the Zoning Atlases during the GIS centralization project.
Time Period of Content
Currentness Reference
                            Publication date
ProgressIn work
Maintenance and Update FrequencyasNeeded

Spatial Domain
Bounding Coordinates
West Bounding Coordinate-122.721058
East Bounding Coordinate-122.372030
North Bounding Coordinate48.333237
South Bounding Coordinate47.987008

Theme Keyword ThesaurusUser
Theme Keywordcity boundaries
Theme Keywordcity limits
Theme KeywordJoint Planning Area
Theme KeywordJPA
Theme KeywordMunicipal Boundary
Theme KeywordNMUGA
Theme KeywordNon-Municipal Urban Growth Area
Theme KeywordUGA
Theme KeywordUrban
Theme KeywordUrban Growth Area

Access Constraints
Use Constraints
                        None. Please check sources, scale, accuracy, currency and other available information. Please confirm that you are using the most recent copy of both data and metadata.
Point of Contact
Contact Information
Contact Organization Primary
Contact OrganizationIsland County Planning and Community Development
Contact PersonJason Johnson
Contact PositionPlanner
Contact Address
Address Typephysical address
Address1 NE 6th Street
State or ProvinceWA
Postal Code98239

Contact Voice Telephone360-678-7822
Contact Electronic Mail
Contact Instructions

Security Information
Security Classification System
Security Classificationpublic
Security Handling DescriptionStandard Technical Controls

Data Quality 

Logical Consistency Report
                        Tests for integrity have not been performed.
Completeness Report
                        Features have not been updated since 2011.

Spatial Reference 

Horizontal Coordinate System Definition
Map Projection
Map Projection NameNAD 1983 StatePlane Washington North FIPS 4601 Feet
Lambert Conformal Conic
Standard Parallel47.5
Standard Parallel48.73333333333333
Longitude of Central Meridian-120.8333333333333
Latitude of Projection Origin47.0
False Easting1640416.666666667
False Northing0.0

Planar Coordinate Information
Planar Coordinate Encoding Methodcoordinate pair
Coordinate Representation
Abscissa Resolution0.0003280833333333333
Ordinate Resolution0.0003280833333333333
Planar Distance Unitsfoot_us

Geodetic Model
Horizontal Datum NameD North American 1983
Ellipsoid NameGRS 1980
Semi-major Axis6378137.0
Denominator of Flattening Ratio298.257222101

Entities and Attributes 

Distribution Information 

Distribution Liability
                        The following map is intended to be used as a GUIDE. Island County is providing this information as a general geographic representation that should not be used for precise measurements or calculations. Some of the features on this map are not accurately depicted. Any user of this map assumes all responsibility for use and agrees to hold Island County harmless for any liability, damage, or loss incurred by use of this information. Specific questions should be directed to Island County's Department of Planning & Community Development at:  (360) 679-7339

Metadata Reference 

Metadata Date2015-06-12
Metadata Future Review Date2016-06-12

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